TutaPOS – Point of Sale Using Laravel and Angularjs Framework

TutaPOS Point Of Sale – Web Application Using Laravel and Angularjs Framework, with TutaPOS You can control inventory with inventory management and track inventory, The inspiration behind developing TutaPOS was to gain knowledge about Laravel and Angularjs.


  • Inventory Management
  • Receivings and sales
  • Print Faktur Receiving and Sales
  • Item and Item Kits
  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Detail Report


Tutapos using Laravel 5.3, angular js 1, bootstrap 3.


  • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/tutacare/tutapos.git
  • Change directory: cd tutapos/
  • Install Laravel: composer install –prefer-dist
  • Change your database settings in config/database.php
  • Migrate your database: php artisan migrate
  • Seed your database: php artisan db:seed
  • View your application in browser


  • Version 0.8
    • Lastest release


See Demo: http://tutapos.irfanmg.com

Login using:

email: [email protected]
password: admin